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Food workers deserve better

People working in the food and confectionery industries deserve a better deal.

The AMWU helps win secure, long-term jobs and deliver wages to sustain a family on.

Join the AMWU today or contact us to hear more about it.

Food Industry News & Events:

Sick and tired of insecure and casual work? Read on!

Do you have a casual or insecure job? Do you work for a labour hire company? Read all about how the AMWU is winning the fight to fix the labour hire industry and eradicate insecure work in Victoria... Read on here


Bairnsdale food workers Meet & Greet

The AMWU will be in town again on Monday 7th March to talk with members and non-members about your workplace, any workplace issues, health and safety questions, or any questions you might have which our AMWU experts can answer! Get more information and RSVP here!


Fair Pay for Bigger Job - Jeremy's Loving It!

Are you doing extra work or additional duties without any extra pay or recognition? Here is how an AMWU member working at organic food manufacturer Loving Earth who was performing additional higher duties was rewarded... Read more here


Union helps win Nu Mega agreement

Some workers needed a hand at work - they wanted their safety concerns taken seriously and an agreement that would secure their jobs. They needed some expertise on the topic and knew where to turn... Read all about it here


Sweet outcome for unfairly sacked confectionery member

Employers in future will be forced to think twice before they callously try to throw injured workers on the scrapheap after the AMWU won a landmark damages case for a Victorian member. Read how we helped this Food member.


Buy local - sign the petition for better food labelling laws!

Sign this petition calling on the government to fix food labelling in Australia. Consumers want to know that they are buying food that is sourced, produced, manufactured and packed locally, here in Australia! Sign the petition here

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Dec 13, 2019


The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) is disappointed but unsurprised by today’s High Court decision...

Oct 01, 2019


The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) is recommending an overhaul of policies to promote manufacturing...

Sep 25, 2019

Paul Bastian's Statement to the Senate Inquiry on the Union Busting Bill

I would like to thank the committee for providing the AMWU with the opportunity to...

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