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Label our Food Clearly

Label our Food Clearly

Buying Australian food supports local jobs.

When we buy Australian made, we can feel confident in the knowledge that from farm to fridge, the highest possible safety standards have been in place. 

85% of Australians agree – we should know where our food is grown.

The AMWU has been campaigning for clearer food labelling for a long time, making submissions and lobbying the government, because we know that if our food was labelled in a clearer way, more people would find it easier to buy Australian made and grown products

Right now, we have the power to change how our food is labelled.

Take the Government survey. 

It takes just 2 minutes to fill out this survey to tell the Federal Government that you want labelling that clearly shows whether food is Australian grown and packaged.

Better labelling helps consumers choose Australian grown and made – and helps to support jobs in the food industry. 

Can you spare 2 minutes to take the survey and help protect Australian jobs? Click here to fill it out. 

You can also show your support for better labelling and an easier way to choose Australian made by signing on to our campaign below.  


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Donna Petterd
Hai Phan
Daniel Scott
Margarette Laing
Audrey Naismith
Kristen Johns
Christopher O'brien
Debbie Green
Carol Cole
Andrew Matchett
Matthew Roy
Jannina Short
Jennifer O'nial
Phillip Devereux
Isabella Porter
Rahim Ahmet
Sharon Keogh

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