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South Australia

South Australia

The AMWU South Australian Branch is an active and dynamic branch. We represent workers across all of South Australia, from auto-workers to shipbuilders, food workers to metal trades and print workers.

We are campaigning strongly to reinvigorate the manufacturing industry in South Australia. Our members are campaigning in the community, in workplaces and lobbying Government.

We encourage members to get active and involved in our community campaigns! You can sign up to be part of our campaigns here, or get in touch with the branch.


The AMWU SA Office is currently open however as a safety precaution we are not accepting drop-in appointments. To see an AMWU organiser, official, or member of staff, please make an appointment by phoning the office. Where possible we will be conducting interviews over the phone or by video conferencing. 

Need to contact the Branch?

You can contact the Branch and State Secretary Peter Bauer on (08) 8366 5800 | or email

If you want to drop in, our address is 53 - 61 Dale Street, Port Adelaide, SA 5015

The Whyalla Regional Office can be called directly on (08) 8645 7115. 

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