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Western Australia

AMWU_WA_State_Logo_v_3_transparent_bacground.pngThe Western Australian Branch of the AMWU has 10,000 members right across our great state.

AMWU members in Mining and Construction are fundamental to Western Australia’s role in providing the resources needed to industrialise the world. We have members in WA’s giant LNG projects at Gorgon and Wheatstone, the Pilbara’s massive iron ore mines, in alumina and bauxite in our South-West, coal mining in Collie, diamonds in the Kimberley and gold, nickel, copper, mineral sands and more from everywhere between Albany in the South to Argyle in the North.

Without working people, Western Australia’s mineral wealth is just rocks in the ground and we want to make sure a fair share goes back to the people whose skill and dedication create it.

Our Manufacturing members work across a huge range of industries and are vital to just about every area of the WA economy. Our members keep our State ticking over – AMWU members keep trucks on the road and local government services running. Members in our power stations in Kwinana and Collie keep our lights on and defence members keep our shores protected. Our industrial heartland in Kwinana and the Henderson Australian Marine Complex provide steel fabrication, chemical processing and laboratory testing services right around WA while food processing members keep quality fresh food on our shelves and our print members keep us informed about what’s going on.

The foundations of our branch rest on three strong pillars:

1)   A forward-thinking, active industrial plan that empowers members and delivers results;

2)   A political agenda to hold MPs to account and spread wealth and opportunity to all Western Australians; and

3)   A strong presence in our communities that reinforces our Branch’s historic local links and activism.

No matter what we do or where we work we share a common interest in helping lift up wages and conditions to raise the living standards of working people.

If you want to be a part of our great union, you can join here

Contact us:

Office Address Phone Fax
Bunbury Regional Office Unit 3, 101 Spencer Street, Bunbury WA 6230 (08) 9721 7933 (08) 9791 1421
Perth Office  121 Royal Street, East Perth, WA 6004 (08) 9223 0800  (08) 9225 4744
Kalgoorlie mobile   0428 072 716  
Port Hedland mobile   0481 381 654  
Newman mobile   0481 381 654  
Karratha mobile   0481 381 654
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Western Australia

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