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Why You Should Join

Why You Should Join


10 great reasons

Better pay and conditions than non-union members

Did you know that union members earn 26% more than non-union workers? They have more secure jobs and better entitlements like paid leave. Union members work together to improve their pay and conditions through collective bargaining.

Your workplace is safer 

You're less likely to suffer injury or illness working in a union workplace, but we can also help you access support if you are injured. Safety is union business.

You know your rights

Union members are educated on their rights. It's easier to get what you're entitled to when you know what your rights are. 

You'll never stand alone 

AMWU members work in a range of industries, in cities and towns across the country – from Darwin to Hobart, the Pilbara to Geelong. We work in factories, in the offshore, in food processing, and in printing and graphic design. We're mechanics and boilermakers, supervisors and technicians. Together, we stand up for a fair go at work and in our community, so you're never alone at work. 

Access to free, confidential advice and legal help

Trained industrial and legal professionals are there to support you when you need it.

Training and Recognition of Your Skills

Underpayment of workers through misclassification is one of the most under-recognised forms of wage theft in Australia. We've always fought to upskill workers and ensure their skills are recognised and rewarded. And we'll help you get access to the training you need to progress your career.

Support for you and your family

The union provides a confidential counselling and support line for members and their families, because we know that sometimes you need a little help with what's going on at home or at work. 

Journey Accident Insurance - Free with membership

Your union membership gives you free coverage in case you're hurt or injured whilst travelling to and from work. 

Emergency Transport and Funeral Benefits - Free with membership 

Your union membership gives you Emergency Transport Benefits and Funeral Benefits, just in case the worst happens. 

It's great value 

Your union dues are fully tax deductible.

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