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Rules, Policies and Elections


The AMWU and its members are governed by Rules registered with the Fair Work Commission, which are available here: PDF Version.

The most recent changes incorporate the following Rule changes:

Rule 5C: Changes to allow acting Office Holders to vote at meetings of the National Steering Committee.  A copy of the correspondence can be found here.

Rules 6B & 6C: Changes to rectify issues raised by the Australian Electoral Commission in relation to the conduct of elections at the NSW State Conference and National Conference held in 2019.  A copy of the correspondence can be found here.

In August 2020, applications were made to the Fair Work Commission for the following alterations to the Union's rules:

Rules 5A, 5B, 5D & 5E:  Changes to various Rules to provide for ballots of State and National Conferences to be undertaken electronically when the Conferences are not in session.  A copy of the correspondence can be found here.

Further information is available to members on request by calling 1300 732 698 or email to

Governance statement

The AMWU is a member based organisation and we work hard to make sure that your funds are managed carefully and effectively in your interest.

In addition to matters noted in our annual return, financial statements and rules, the AMWU has a number of policies, procedures and structures to ensure that your membership dues are accounted for in an open and transparent manner. These policies include:

-        Procurement

-        Gift & Hospitality

-        Conflict of Interest

-        Cabcharge

-        Credit Card

-        Petty Cash

If you have any queries regarding governance at the AMWU, please email or call your local branch.

Union Financial Accounts 2019

The AMWU is proud to be an open and transparent union. In accordance with our rules, we publicly issue a statement of our financial accounts each year. This statement is for the year ending 30 September 2019, and has been independently audited. 

You can read / download our full financial reports here:

National Financial

National Political Fund Report

Victoria Financial Report

Queensland Financial Report

South Australia Financial Report

Western Australia Financial Report

Tasmania Financial Report

New South Wales Financial Report

Union Elections

The AMWU is required to have elections conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Union’s Rules and the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.  Following is a table with the current elections and appropriate documentation.

If you require further information, please email

Election No. Positions AMWU Correspondence ROC Decision Election Notice Declaration Post Election Report
E2020/17  Various Casual Vacancies

Correspondence 1

Correspondence 2



Deferral of election notice - AEC

Further deferral of election notice - AEC

  Various Casual Vacancies

Correspondence 1

Correspondence 2



AMWU Privacy Policy

The Union has a privacy policy for the way that we handle the personal information of members.

You can read it here:  AMWU Privacy Policy

Workplace Gender Equality Report 

The AMWU reports to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, on gender equality in the workplace, specifically equal remuneration between women and men and the family and caring responsibilities of women and men are central to achieving gender equality. We have now lodged our report with the Agency for this year.

The AMWU takes this responsibility very seriously and are striving to not only achieve this in our workplace, but in the workplaces of the members that we represent.

If you are a financial member of the AMWU, and would like a copy of our report for the 2019-2020 year, please email or call the AMWU Helpdesk on 1300 732 698.

WGEA Public Report 2019 - 2020



New South Wales/ACT


South Australia



Western Australia


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