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Become A Workplace Delegate Today

Want to make real change in the manufacturing industry? Help the AMWU grow and fight for your rights? You can do this and more as a delegate. Contact your organiser or call the Helpdesk on 1300 732 698 today. 

What is a delegate?

A delegate is a union member who has put their hand up to become more active and help out members and the union movement in general. Passionate about creating a better workplace, delegates are supported by their fellow members to represent and organise in their workplace. Delegates are essential to the AMWU – the work of a delegate keeps the union strong and united.

About being a delegate

Our delegates play a key role in the strength of the AMWU. Delegates are the vital support link between Union members in different work sites and across different areas. In order to achieve success in our collective campaigns, we need the leadership and commitment of a strong team of delegates.

Roles and Responsibilities

Delegates connect AMWU members to their union and the union’s staff. Delegates are the face of our union, providing information and support to their workmates. A big part of the role of a delegate is to ensure that everyone on their worksite is informed on their right, and kept up-to-date with union activities.

Delegates perform several important roles

  • Helping distribute Union information and updates to co-workmates.
  • Signing up new members to the AMWU
  • Represent the AMWU at employee inductions, making new employees aware of the Union and the benefits of them signing up
  • Communicate regularly with union organisers about campaigns and issues occurring in the workplace
  • Help develop other Union activists
  • Represent and support members to management about individual and collective workplace issues
  • Lets our union office know of changes to members’ information
  • Leading AMWU campaigns in the workplace and the community

Through campaigning, distributing information, and recruiting, delegates are pivotal in building the strength of the AMWU in workplaces and our community. It might sound like a lot, but being a delegate is a responsibility that you can take at your pace as you build confidence and experience.

You will always be supported in the role by Union staff – in the workplace directly; online; or over the phone.

Interested In Becoming A Delegate?

Becoming a delegate is an exciting and rewarding way to become a more active member of our union. By taking this step, you join other delegates across the country who are active and passionate about making our union stronger. Our union will support you as a delegate with training, to develop your skills and leadership. To become a delegate in your workplace, contact your organiser or call the Helpdesk on 1300 732 698. 

Become a Health and Safety Representative Today

Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) play an important role in representing the health and safety interests of workers in a work group.

Union workplaces are safer workplaces, thanks to the important work of union-trained HSRs.

The union will always fight for better working conditions, and safer working environments. As an HSR, your contribution and leadership is vital.

The responsibilities of an HSR include:

  • Representing the health and rights of workers on work health and safety matters
  • Monitoring the work health and safety actions and policies undertaken by the employer
  • Investigating any work health and safety complaints from workers of the work group
  • Investigating complaints from workers relating to health and safety
  • Requesting to establish a Health and Safety Committee
  • Looking into anything that may pose a risk to the overall workplace health and safety of the workers they represent.

Creating work group(s) from which to elect health and safety representatives [HSRs] and Deputy HSRs has to be done according to the relevant laws. Make sure HSRs are elected and not appointed by management.

You can use these forms when forming work groups and electing health and safety representatives:

Notice to employer/PCBU to negotiate work group
Nomination form for HSR election
Notice for election of HSR
Notification to employer/PCBU on the election of HSR
Notification to AMWU on election of HSR
Request for paid leave to attend approved training

You can find out more about your rights to union-provided health and safety training here.

If you're interested in becoming a Health and Safety Representative, contact your organiser or the Helpdesk on 1300 732 698 today. 

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