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Asbestos free future

Asbestos free future

Get involved to ban all types of asbestos around the world. 

Everyone deserves an asbestos free future.

Did you know that globally:

More than 100,000 people die each year from asbestos-caused cancer?

Every 5 minutes someone dies from asbestos related disease?

2 million tonnes of asbestos are still mined and exported annually.

Sign the petition to support a global asbestos ban - no more mining, no more export and trade, and no more use in buildings and products.

If you've had a personal experience with asbestos, you can tell us your story here. 


Who's signing

Caron Psssmore
Deborah Nicholls
Katie Hepworth
Guillermo Lunardi
Don Greer
Katy Bell
James Leigh
Gerard Spinks
Robert Johnston
Gary Viney
Glenn Bamford
Todd Willcox
Anders Ross
Michael Boyd
Roger Kaye
Sunil Gupte
Sahin Cinar
Simon Hunt
Hayri Cinar
Oliver Lamey
Anthony Baar
Benjamin Nield
Brendan Hummerstone
matthew hession
Darren Gawlik
Herbert Touron
Trevor Hampson

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Asbestos free future

Get involved to ban all types of asbestos around the world. 

Happening now

  • Angered by the lies of the government and furious about the lack of action on bushfires and climate change. Joined Twitter to say it louder.
  • Aboriginal, union, very small part of the NSW Labor Party. Interested in Science, Counterterrorism and robotics. Soon to be a former CSU student.
  • Navigating government by day, pilsner lover by night. Working @CGMComms. Views are my own