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Support Aussie Made

Support Aussie Made

We're campaigning to grow our local manufacturing industry. 

It was manufacturing workers who kept food on the table, adapted to make ventilators, and produced masks and other PPE during the pandemic. 

A strong manufacturing sector creates high skill, high wage jobs, supports our economy, and is vital for Australia's sovereign capability. 

The Support Aussie Made campaign is fighting for some simple changes that will create huge positive change for our jobs and the future in our industry. We will win things like making sure that when the government buys and builds things, they use Aussie made content. Our trains, ships, defence capabilities and building materials should all be made here.

We will also be pushing all parties to commit to a massive investment in future industries through mineral processing, renewable energy, batteries, and research and development.

This investment has to be backed up by continuing to build the skills of workers, rebuilding TAFE and offering more apprenticeships.

Finally, there’s no point creating new jobs if they aren’t good, well-paid secure jobs.

We're calling for stronger rights for workers on job security and fairer laws so we can bargain for a better deal at work. It will mean workers and their families are better off.

We need to support Aussie made and support local jobs. 

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