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Do you work at a site covered by Comcare? Check out the Comcare Worker's Compensation Delegates guide. 

Need to take sick or carer's leave? Know your rights - Personal Leave FAQ

How to Elect a HSR - our recent flyer - more detail in the Electing and training HSRs section of the web site.  


There is an AMWU HSRs Facebook page where HSRs can share their stories and information - JOIN HERE


It's No Accident - open up the centre pages. Put it up on your union notice board

2018 - Consultation 

2018 - Investigating injuries and near misses 

2018 - Heat waves can be dangerous

2017 - 10 Golden Rules for reporting work injury/illness  

2016 -- Hearing loss - 100% preventable but 100% irreversible

2016 - Breath Taking Jobs

2016 - Casuals and Safety and International Workers Memorial Day 

2015 - Our Rights to Healthy and Safe Work 

2015 - Mental health of FIFO workers 

2015 - Federal government attacks on Comcare 

2015 - HSR right to chose training 

2014 - Lung cancer and welding fumes 

2014 - Body Mapping and some of your success stories


AMWU 2019 Health and Safety Booklet

Individual chapters - these are information to help you start thinking about what needs to be done

Unloading product from shipping containers or crates can be very hazardous business. Members in Queensland took action to protect their safety. Further information about the risks can be found on the SafeWork Australia website

The interim report into the so called re-emergence of "black lung" in Queensland mines is clear - over decades, mining companies and governments failed to protect workers: It did not “re-emerge” in 2015 but was merely re-identified, after more than 30 years of responsible Queensland authorities failing to look for it or properly identify it.  Read the interim report.   

We are coming up to International Workers Memorial Day - April 28th - union activists are essential in improving health and safety at work. See some new research in mining industries - four  basic worker rights are essential:

  1. The right to refuse to do dangerous work.
  2. The right to education and training.
  3. The right to information.
  4. The right to representation and participation.

Information from world health and safety expert - Dr Takala - shows that cancer is the most common work related disease.

One person every three days - the link between diesel and cancer. See our Info and Facts sheets page for more information 

Cancer Council of Australia - information about diesel, welding and silica: Cancer and Work.

As a result of 60 worksites visits and lots of activity by AMWU officials and members, WorkSafe Victoria has issued a fact sheet on the safety of onsite welding. The fact sheet is useful around the country. Check it out here.

Victorian Ombudsman brings down damning report on Victoria Workers Compensation insurers.

Links to useful web sites.

Victorian union site for OHS Reps 

A Union friendly service:  Workers Health Centre Sydney

ACTU: SafeAtWork 

International health and safety site with lots of information: Hazards

Work and cancer: Cancer Hazards 

Government H&S information, with links to State and Territory health and safety websites:  SafeWork Australia  

Injured Workers Support Network: based in NSW, the website has links to groups across the country.  


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