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It's No Accident is the quarterly health and safety newsletter of the AMWU.

Since December 2015 the newsletter is designed so that the middle pages are a poster for your union noticeboard.

We always welcome suggestions on content.

Click on the name to see each newsletter. 

May 2019 - Accident investigation 

February 2019 - industrial manslaughter 

November 2018 - working in heat

August 2018 - Consultation 

May 2018 - Accident/Near Miss Investigations 

Feb 2018 - Sizzling hot - when its too hot to work 

Dec 2017 - Medical Appointments are private

Sept 2017 - Income Protection

May 2017- Centre pages poster - Prevent Injuries 

February 2017 - 10 Golden Rules for reporting work injury/illness  - open up the centre pages. Put it up on your union notice board

December 2016 -- Hearing loss - 100% preventable but 100% irreversible

August 2016 - Breath Taking Jobs

May 2016 - Casuals and Safety and International Workers Memorial Day 

December 2015 - Our Rights to Healthy and Safe Work 

August 2015 - Mental health of FIFO workers 

May 2015 - Federal government attacks on Comcare 

Jan 2015 - HSR right to chose training 

Nov 2014 - Lung cancer and welding fumes 

Aug 2014 - Body Mapping and some of your sucess stories

Autumn 2014 - Workers Memorial Day & Employers Due Diligence

Summer 2014 - Working in seasonal heat 

Summer 2013 - Court upholds health and safety rights 

Spring 2013 - Alcohol and Drug Testing 

Winter 2013 - Employers must consult workers 

Spring 2012 - Fatigue 

Spring 2011 - Lock out procedures 


Work and Cancer

World health and safety expert - Dr Takala - shows that cancer is the most common work related disease.


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