Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union




The AMWU Tasmanian Branch is an active and dynamic branch.

We represent workers across the length and breadth of Tasmania, from food workers to metal trades and print workers.

We are campaigning strongly to reinvigorate the manufacturing industry in Tasmania. Our members are campaigning in the community, in workplaces and lobbying the State Government.

We encourage members to get active and involved in our campaigns! You can sign up to be part of our campaigns here, or get in touch with the branch.


How to contact the Tasmanian Branch - we have offices in Hobart and Devonport: 

Office Address Phone Fax
Hobart Office 28 Station St, Moonah TAS (03) 6228 7099  
Devonport Office 80 Oldaker St, Devonport TAS    





To contact our Northern Tasmanian organisers, please call the Hobart office and you will be put through. 

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Ian Drake: A lifetime of unionism

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