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Retired Members' Division

Retired Members' Division

Retire from work but not from the struggle

The Retired Members' Division (RMD) of the AMWU is a crucial community voice for the rights of retired workers. 

Retired members have always played an essential role in the AMWU's achievements, from campaigning on the rights of retired workers and lobbying on welfare and justice issues in the broader community to providing valuable support for many of the union's most important campaigns.

The RMD also has a seat at the table when it comes to making decisions about the direction of the union. Elected representatives of the division hold positions on the union's critical decision-making forums, such as the National Conference and National and State Councils. This means retired members have direct input into the policy, direction and activities of Union.

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Why join?

Retirement from the paid workforce doesn't mean you have to lose touch with your workmates or the issues you care about.

Joining the RMD at the end of your working life will keep you involved and keep you active. 

Financial retired members also continue to receive a range of AMWU services, including advice through the AMWU Helpdesk, a free first legal consultation and Union Shopper in participating states.

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