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Save Our Jobs, Save Maryborough

Save Our Jobs, Save Maryborough

Maryborough needs jobs. Our local community depends on secure jobs to stay a vibrant and economically sustainable place to live. But
our community is under threat.

Locals working at Maryborough’s Downer EDI facility are at risk of losing their jobs due to a lack of work. We are calling on the Queensland Government to carry out government work locally, so that local work can support local jobs. Join the campaign to save our jobs and save Maryborough.

We the undersigned call on the Queensland Government to take immediate action to support workers and their continued employment at Downer EDI in Maryborough.

We note the important role that the manufacturing industry plays in maintaining Maryborough as a vibrant and economically sustainable community. We ask that the Queensland Government prioritise local work for local workers in Maryborough.

Who's signing

brian beer
David Butterworth
Tracey Matchett
Samuel Cordie
Julie Kirk
haylee rodhouse
Brad Turner
Bernii Allen
Demelza Roberts
leeanne cooper
Graham Slim
Simon Chin
beth Wesley-smith
Jessica Chin
Alex Dart
Tess Ferguson
james dean
Janice Birt
Benjamin Maccarthy
Rebecca Lyons
Lewis Lyons
David Ferguson
Kerryn ferguson
Tricia Short
Ty Katowicki
Robert Tyler
Kirra Simpson

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Sign the petition: Save Our Jobs, Save Maryborough
Sign the petition: Save Our Jobs, Save Maryborough
Sign the petition: Save Our Jobs, Save Maryborough

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