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Our Team

Our Team

Rohan Webb

State Secretary

Rohan Webb has been the State Secretary of the Queensland and Northern Territory Branch since 2012. He worked as a Fitter and Turner at Golden Circle before coming on board as an Organiser over 20 years ago. Rohan is passionate about creating a better life for working people and their families.



Ann-Marie Allan

Executive Officer

Ann-Marie Allan has worked in the union movement for over forty years, starting her career as a stenographer with the union. Ann-Marie enjoys working with delegates and believes that members are the true lifeblood of our union.



Brian Devlin

Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Brian Devlin was a primary school teacher for 18 years prior to working in the union movement. Brian is heavily involved in workplace health and safety advocacy and education. Brian knows that many workplaces are still dangerous and will fight to make sure that safety is a top priority no matter where you work.



Daniel Dougherty

Assistant State Secretary Print Division



Bill Thanas

Assistant State Secretary Vehicle Division



Ted Couch

Gladstone Organiser


Peter Dalton

Townsville Organiser


Steve Franklin


Steve started his apprenticeship as a Moulder at Vickers Ruwolt (now Bradken) in 1977. He also worked at Mt Isa mines, before continuing in his trade and taking on a delegate role in 1997. Workplace health and safety as well as awareness of chemicals, dust and dangerous conditions are high on his agenda.



Phil Golby

Gladstone Organiser



Marion Lister

Recruitment Officer

Marion came to the union movement following a long and successful career in pharmacy. As a mother of four, Marion believes strongly in creating a better future for families through job creation and fair conditions at work.  



Ricky Luke 


Ricky was an apprentice Mechanical fitter and completed his apprenticeship with the Metal Industry Apprenticeship scheme. Ricky joined the national office of the AMWU as a national officer with MISTAS in October 2006 after spending 11 years with Queensland Rail. 



Scott Martin

Mackay Organiser

Scott Martin started working at CSR as an Apprentice Fitter and Turner in January 2000. He became an AMWU delegate at Kalamia Sugar Mill in 2009 and started as an organiser in 2013.  Scott has always been a strong advocate for workers’ rights and believes in a fair go for everyone.



Lloyd Pumpa

Northern Territory Organiser


Glenn Sam

Rockhampton Organiser


Scott Stanford


Scott Stanford began his career as an aircraft maintenance engineer in 1988. He worked for Ansett at the time of its collapse and knows just how tough it can be to face redundancy while raising a young family. Scott believes that every worker deserves respect and dignity in the workplace.


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