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Hey Premier: put your money where your mouth is on NSW manufacturing jobs

Since being elected in 2011, the New South Wales Liberal Government has overseen the loss of more than 67, 000 manufacturing jobs in our State. 
Time and again, this Liberal Government has chosen to import trains, trams, steel, and more, rather than investing in New South Wales workers and New South Wales manufacturing jobs. 
Enough is enough. 
Premier Gladys Berejiklian has used an indulgent trip to Europe and the UK to make grand declarations that New South Wales can become the manufacturing capital of Australia, all while continuing to send manufacturing contracts overseas. 
Sign the petition to tell the Premier it's time to put her money where her mouth is and prioritise local content in design, development, manufacture and maintenance for New South Wales Government projects.

Who's signing

Kevin Jones
Andrew Lee
Owen Jackson
Glenn Wilcox
Sean Moore
Fergal Eiffe
John Schembri
Keith Lang
Carly White
Alex Sinclair
Scott Kitchiner
Michael Jones
Liam Rankine
Tara Dooley
Dylan Williams
Marion Wittrien
Luke Wittrien
Luke Hewitt
Stuart Wittrien
Lindsay Mathews
Brett Fogarty
Fernando Anaya
Robert May
Matt Wagner
Terri Anderson
Max Murphy

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