Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union



Our Team


Steve McCartney

State Secretary

Glenn McLaren

Assistant State Secretary & Offshore Organiser


Manufacturing, Print & Maintenance Organisers

Alan Lindsey (Team Lead)

Vince Fryer

Gary Carozzi

Jade Cochrane

Ryan Ou

Lu Xu


Mining & Construction Organisers

Simon Rushworth (Team Lead)

Rory Cumins (Kalgoorlie & Goldfields)

Ben Martin (North West)

Liam Bedford (North West)

Brant Softley (South West)


Industrial Officer

Pearl Lim


Media & Research Officer

Alex Cassie

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Western Australia

Jan 22, 2018

Out-of-touch CEOs lecture workers from yacht decks

Australia’s richest individuals recently gathered for the KPMG Couta Boat Classic in Victoria. The event...

Nov 30, 2016

Griffin fight goes national

A determined delegation of Collie locals is back home in the South-West after two weeks...

Nov 17, 2016

AMWU WA partners with MATES in Construction to combat industry suicides

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union’s Western Australian Branch has thrown its full support behind MATES...

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