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Victorian State Council

State Council

The Victorian State Council meets regularly to discuss matters affecting the state and our membership, and provide direction for the branch.

State councillors are elected by the membership to represent them.

Below are the minutes from the past 12 months of meetings of the State Council.

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State Conference 


1. The State Secretary shall call for agenda items from the State Council, District Committees, State Industry Committees and Workshops (provided that the items have been endorsed by at least five financial members) in the State in accordance with the principles of Rule 5A3. In addition, annual Delegate meetings held in accordance with Rule 5A3 may also forward items for the State Conference and or State Council agendas.




1. The National Secretary shall, by a notice placed in a publication of the Union and circulated to all members at least 13 weeks prior to the opening of the Conference, call on District Committees, State Industry Committees, Work Shops, State Councils, State Conferences, and National Industry Committees to forward items for the National Conference Agenda Paper. In addition, the National Council shall schedule annual meetings in each State which are open to all workplace delegates and these meetings may forward items for the State Council, State Conference, National Council and or National Conference Agendas.

2. The National Council shall have power to group agenda items, make recommendations on the items submitted for the National Conference, and shall itself also have power to submit items for the National Conference agenda.


Closure of Agenda


The agenda shall close not less than six weeks before the opening of the conference. Any matter appearing on the agenda paper and any business agreed to by the Conference when sitting, may be dealt with by the Conference in any manner it sees fit.


Other items may be added to the agenda paper if agreed to by a resolution of the Conference when assembled.


3. Notice of every National Conference together with a copy of the agenda paper shall be posted to each Delegate to the National Conference and to each State Secretary. Such notice and agenda paper shall be sent not less than fourteen days before the date on which the Conference is due to commence.

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