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Reinstate the CUB 55


Reinstate the CUB 55! 

To Ari Mervis, Managing Director, SABMiller Asia Pacific and Chief Executive Officer of CUB:

I am outraged that 55 CUB workers have been sacked, and then offered their jobs back but for 35% of their pay. Reinstate these workers with their proper terms and conditions. Until then I won't drink your products. 

Who's signing

Cameron O'Rourke-Casey
Christine Barsby
Matthew Llewellyn
Natasha Cercarelli
David Tolliday
Leslie Roll
Robert Horn
Kim Pendlington
Daniel Robertson
Kacey Todd
Peter Wright
Gregory Sanderson
Adrian Goodall
Kiara Searby
Brett Slatter
Darren Herrington
Bradley Duncan
David Roden
John Welsh
William Aukett
Anthony Sandaver
Brett Buckingham
Wade Engel
Frank Spencer
Paul Mckerlie
Kenny Muckan
Kieran Dineen
Jim Dann

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Sign the petition: Reinstate the CUB 55
Sign the petition: Reinstate the CUB 55

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