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Community Forum: The Future of Rail Manufacturing

The Hunter region has a proud history of rail manufacturing: it has been a critical source of jobs and investment for generations. 

However, the decision to send large rail manufacturing contracts overseas has put the industry at risk of collapse.

Therefore, the AMWU will be holding a community forum on the future of this critical industry and what it means for the reason. This event will be free and open to all. 

You can read the Centre for Future Work's report on rail manufacturing here:


December 14, 2016
at 6pm - 7pm


Wests Newcastle


Joe McKenzie · · 0431377319

Amber Bibby Ian Hunt Leigh Shears Darren Mitchell Cr Declan Clausen Michael Tamsett Cory Wright Shaun Goss

Who's RSVPing

Amber Bibby
Michael Matheson
Ian Hunt
Leigh Shears
Russell Morse
Gregory Mungovern
peter watson
Carl Kirwin
John King
David Norris
Darren Mitchell
Ronald Edmonds
Russell Mitchell
Darren Mitchell
Cr Declan Clausen
Michael Tamsett
Cory Wright
Shaun Goss

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