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First one, then the other: William's story

First one, then the other: William's story

When William slipped and seriously hurt his knee, he had no idea what an ordeal it would become.

A trip to the specialist revealed both of William’s knees were in bad shape and needed replacements. This meant being forced to take time off work.

It would’ve been a lot worse without a safety net.

William was thankfully covered by WageGuard’s income protection scheme but delays in processing paperwork from his workplace added an additional layer of stress to an already difficult situation.

Frustrated by the slow progress, William reached out to WageGuard for assistance and was put in touch with Greg, who quickly got things moving and some provided much-needed relief.

"They were there with me every step of the way," William said. "And I couldn't have asked for a nicer bloke to look after me."

William kept Greg informed about his situation which meant he could liaise with the relevant parties and ensure that William was being looked after.

Living in a remote area of the Victorian bush has its challenges, including making doctor's appointments can be a logistical nightmare, but the WageGuard system was accommodating and Greg’s ongoing assistance made the process a lot smoother.

The support William received after each surgery, which were more than six months apart, meant he could focus on recovery.

"We just spoke to each other, and I kept him informed as best I could. I think that was the key to it," William recalled. "As long as Greg was in the loop, he was able to help me."


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