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Welding challenge highlights new trade skills app

On Friday September 30, close to 50 metal workers gathered at XLT Training in Bibra Lake to take part in a live welding challenge. The event was put together as a way to bring local welders and boilermakers together, and to also film for a new video and global welding challenge.

The challenge was given to all participants - weld your best SkillTracker logo using the materials and workshop provided by XLT. The challenge was also designed to highlight how SkillTracker is helping metal workers showcase their skills.

Some people used carbon steel, others used aluminium, a few worked on stainless steel. The workshop was buzzing with energy as the competitive spirit took hold and there was a rush of excitement as everyone got to work.

winning_design_-s.jpgAs the afternoon passed more and more entries gathered on the central workspace, showcasing the skills of the  metal workers that were there to win the challenge.

Shaun Sawbridge had the winning entry with his unique approach to fabricating a 3D version of the SkillTracker logo with amazing attention to detail.

As posts started to spread through social media, comments started flooding in with questions about the event and how they can register to be a part of the next one - it was a huge success.

The live welding challenge was organised by Clive Langley, the founder of XLT Training and the new app, SkillTracker. Prizes were awarded to the top entries that were provided by Weldporn and Western Welding Supplies.

Clive started developing SkillTracker as a new app for skilled workers to showcase their abilities online in a new digital format that can be accessed from the web or via the app, now available on Apple and Android devices.

To promote this new app, the SkillTracker team reached out to the world famous #weldporn channel which has over half a million followers between their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

To join SkillTracker and be notified when the next live welding challenge is on in Perth, go to and setup your free account.


The XLT workshop was buzzing as welders showed their skills


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