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Union boost for Peel Community Kitchen

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union is continuing to support our members’ local communities with our latest contribution to the Peel Community Kitchen this week.

On January 16 State Secretary Steve McCartney presented a $10,000 donation to the Peel Community Kitchen, a not-for-profit organisation that relies on volunteers and donations to serve those in need. 

With more than 500 visits and over a thousand meals served weekly, the Kitchen makes a huge difference to the lives of unemployed people, pensioners and families living below the poverty line in the Peel Region.


UNION BOOST: The AMWU's contribution will assist the crucial local services the Peel Community Kitchen provides

“The AMWU is proud to be associated with the Peel Community Kitchen. We are committed to supporting lifting standards for everyone and supporting our communites,” Steve McCartney said.

Mr McCartney presented the contribution alongside AMWU member and Peel Kitchen board Chair Shane Jones, as well as local Mandurah MP David Templeman and WA Labor’s candidate for Dawesville Adam Woodage.

Mr Jones got involved in the Peel Community Kitchen through his work as a Mandurah City Councillor.

“I got invited by a councillor from another council to have a look to see if there was anything I could do to help” Shane said.

“What got me involved was seeing hungry kids. That made me feel like we should do more.”

Tracey Bain, the coordinator of the Peel Community Kitchen, told the AMWU that the donation would go towards assisting with the ongoing costs for the kitchen as well as cleaning up the dining room which has suffered significant wear and tear due to so many visitors.

“There has been an increase in visits due to another community kitchen closing down recently. Visits also increase significantly in the summer when it is easier for people to travel to visit us” Tracey said.

If you want to volunteer or make a donation to the Peel Community Kitchen go to their website:


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