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UGL Bargaining

The AMWU is the SHUTDOWN Union.

The AMWU is currently negotiating several agreements with UGL

Agreement Sector Expired Status
UGL Field Services Coal mining maintenance December 2015 UGL offer 0%
UGL STANWELL Power Stations April 2019 Current UGL offer is less than Tarong/Stanwell rates
UGL APLNG Gas (Curtis Island) August 2019 Draft agreement voted down in November 2019
UGL OM Oils and gas minor maintenance April 2018 UGL offer 0%

 *Updates will be provided for all negotiations over time.


The AMWU has been negotiating with UGL for a new agreement since May 2019. The Company has been delaying the progress of negotiations by not providing a clear wages offer. Stanwell Corporation has clearly stated the employees of contractors (like UGL) must be paid the same as Stanwell employees.

UGL have been using accounting tricks to lower the pay rates of employees working on the Stanwell and Tarong sites. UGL have been using delaying tactics to stall any future pay rises.

The AMWU has recently written to UGL detailing exactly what UGL employees should get in the next agreement.

Click here to read the letter: AMWU Detailed Position on UGL Stanwell Negotiation Claims

The AMWU has created a comparison document to show the difference between the current agreement and the correct rates (based on the current Tarong Agreement)

Click here to view the comparison table: AMWU VS Company Claims Comparison

The AMWU will continue to fight for better conditions for UGL Tarong, Stanwell and Shutdown workers.

Our claim is simple: We want wage parity delivered through an agreement and we want it now.

We call on all UGL workers to stand together, to fight together and we will win together.

Contact Information:

Industrial Bargaining Advocate: Jason Stein - [email protected]

AMWU QLD/NT Head Office: (07) 3236 2550 

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