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TPP Bill Threatens Jobs

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) is urging MPs to reject current moves to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership into law.

The legislation, currently before Parliament, will if passed, open the gates to foreign workers and give big foreign business interests the upper hand with the odious investor-state dispute settlement provisions.

AMWU National President Andrew Dettmer said working people were at risk under the provisions that would allow an unlimited number of foreign workers into Australia.

“While the Liberal Party goes through its death throes we can only hope that the outcome of the current leadership crisis leads to the election of a Labor Government which will throw this disastrous piece of legislation out,” Mr Dettmer said.

“Malcolm Turnbull took responsibility yesterday for personally pushing forward with the TPP after the US pulled out. 

“He should be ashamed that this trade pact could impact on the Australian jobs market and make it harder for Australians to compete with foreigners.”

“His mantra has been ‘jobs and growth.’ Well now we know what he means: jobs for foreigners and a free ride for his big business mates.”

“The Australian people should act decisively at the next election and throws this discredited Government out.”

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