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Time to give a Gonski for our kids

All of our members are being urged this National Gonski Week to devote some time and thought to supporting what what all of our futures rely upon - giving all children the best and fairest education we can.

The Gonski plan to fund all schools according to their needs has been only rolled out properly in NSW, Queensland and SA, where it is getting real results.

It’s delivering smaller class sizes, extra specialist in teachers in areas such as literacy and numeracy and more support in the classroom.


But in other states, the funding has not yet been fully delivered or is only a fraction of what is needed to ensure that every child gets a high quality education.

Victoria is to get its first Gonski funding in 2016.

It’s urgent that the plan, to be rolled out over six years, is implemented properly if we are to improve our childrens’ learning outcomes no matter what their school, location, family background or parents’ incomes.

This week, a major study revealed that one in four students are failing to complete Year 12 or a trade equivalent and the reading skills of nearly a third of Year 7 students are falling behind international standards.

During this National Gonski Week we have seen principals, teachers, parents, educational support staff and community members all taking action in support of vital Gonski funding for schools.

Join them in calling on PM Malcolm Turnbull to abandon Tony Abbott’s plan to cut the last two years of this vital funding – the period when most of the money is due to be delivered.

We need every politician to support this once in a generation investment in the education of our children.

You can show your support for our children by registering as a supporter on the Gonski website.



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