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Submission: Select Committee on COVID-19

The Australian Manufacturing WorkersUnion (AMWU) represents over 70,000 workers who create, make and maintain in every city and region across Australia. Our members have been working hard around the country to provide the Australian made goods and services that we need, know and trust in times of crisis. Our members are proud of their work that kept our country safe and our economy running during these unprecedented times.

Manufacturing industry has an important role to play in the national response to COVID-19 and its aftermath. It is in our national interest that we develop a sustainable and productive manufacturing industry that delivers world class products and services for Australia and the world.

The AMWU supports the submission by the Australian Council of Trade Unions to this committee.

Recommendation 1: The government must take immediate action to fill our factories with work. A plan must be created with industry for the next 10 week, the next 10 months, and the next 10 years.

Recommendation 2: Reform the provision of R&D grants and programs to ensure that viable no Australian idea ever needs to move offshore to secure funding and support.

Recommendation 3: Develop programs to support businesses as they scale up and assist them to move international supply chains and grow into medium-sized businesses.

Recommendation 4: Require large firms to take concrete steps to onshore their supply chains and develop local capability if they wish to access future economic stimulus measures.

Recommendation 5: Reform industrial relations laws to allow for industry bargaining to foster a culture of cooperation within and between workplaces.

Recommendation 6: The names and ABNs of all businesses that receive JobKeeper should be made publicly available in an easily searchable format to enable employees to protect their workplace rights and prevent fraud.

To read the full submission click here.

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