Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union



Submission to the Senate Economics References Committee inquiry into the Australian manufacturing industry 2021

At present, the Australian manufacturing sector is battered but resilient. Despite decades of policy negligence —and, at times, deliberate governmental sabotage — manufacturing remains a major employer in this country. But that neglect has left Australia as one of the world’s least self-sufficient industrialised nations when it comes to manufactured goods.

In their own words, the AMWU’s workplace leaders have sketched a policy plan for a strong, manufacturing-led recovery. Much of it is based on the previous research commissioned by the AMWU, the research of other policy makers, and the cumulative expertise of our union’s members and delegates. The recommendations made in this submission are ambitious, and will start the Australian economy on the path to manufacturing self sufficiency— producing much as we consume.

We need to rebuild Australia’s industrial capacity in a way that prioritises good, secure jobs; economic development of our regions; bolstering our sovereign capacity; and diversifying our nation’s economy.

You can read our full submission here.

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