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Sign the petition

All workers deserve to be protected. 

Sign the petition to call on the Federal Government to scrap the China FTA, keep Australian jobs, and give a fair deal to all workers.


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Bobbette Mcdonough
Edward Kleingeerts
Naomi Cartledge
Mario Sciacca
Kylie Browne
Steven Mosciszko
bruce dalkeith
Dave Butterworth
Marie Marchese
Joshua Orr
Trent Zilm
Donald Stokes
David Phillips
Mikaela Chaplin
Mark Pazdernik
Corey Donohoe
Alison Gray
Davis Bicheno
mark leonatd
Mark Ovens
Hugh Lynn
Steven Gray
Emma Wolfe
Neil Bingley
Daniel Wolfe

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Sign the petition: Sign the petition
Sign the petition: Sign the petition
Sign the petition: Sign the petition
Sign the petition: Sign the petition

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