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All workers deserve to be protected. 

Sign the petition to call on the Federal Government to scrap the China FTA, keep Australian jobs, and give a fair deal to all workers.


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Margarette Laing
Steven Brown
Michael Brown
Bruce Menere
Luke Doxey
kieran peirce
Natalie Moulder
ben penman
Zachary Kennedy
Josh Noble
Ashnay Bhai
daniel weise
Louis Seamons
Emma bell
Ashley Brown
Elizabeth Rowe
Graham O'keeffe
Darren Mitchell
Brendan Darveniza
Peter Draper
Skye Ruahe
John Speight

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alright guys its time to stamp this out. if you like australia the way it is then take 2 min and fill this out
Sign the petition: Sign the petition

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  • Equality, diversity, humanity, respect, honesty, confidence and #DEMOCRACY = what I want for Australians. Not this cruel, dishonest & despotic LNP regime.
  • As if unknown and we are known, as if we are dying, and behold, we live, as if we are punished and we are not dying,
  • We stand in solidarity with the hundreds who have lost their jobs, it is a devastating day for them and the whole Australian community.
  • The Liberal Government should hang their heads in shame for overseeing the demise of our car manufacturing industry.
  • Australian manufacturing is being destroyed by conservative Governments who still have no plans for the future of our industry.
  • After Joe Hockey dared Holden to leave Australia, then PM Tony Abbott suggested the loss of local manufacturing job…
  • Now we are seeing the end of Holden entirely. An outcome that many in the industry were fearful of since 2013.