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JANUARY 20, 2021 – RAA roadside assistance patrol workers are taking part in stop-work action on Wednesday 20 January after management have refused to negotiate for fair working conditions and have applied to terminate the current enterprise agreement

Workers will walk off the job from 1:30pm for a three-hour stop work meeting after for over two years the RAA have tried to cut the working conditions of roadside assistance workers.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) and workers are calling on RAA management to withdraw the application to terminate the agreement and stop its attack on working conditions including rest and bathroom breaks.

Last year, RAA’s revenue was up 13.5 percent and it’s reportedly a top five business in South Australia. RAA management argued it needed to cut wages and conditions to be “flexible” and “profitable” yet during a global pandemic, despite recording a 13.5 percent increase in revenue.


Quotes attributable to Stuart Gordon AMWU Acting State Secretary – South Australia

“It’s disappointing that Managing Director Ian Stone has not attended one negotiation meeting to hear from workers in over two years.

“Bargaining needs a jumpstart – management has left these crucial roadside patrol workers out in the cold for over two years and now is the time to return to the negotiating table in good faith.

“RAA recorded a 13.5 percent profit during a global pandemic and they’re listed as number 19 in the two 100 companies in South Australia - there’s no excuse for management to argue they need to cuwages and conditions to be profitable.

“RAA roadside patrol workers are there when we need them, their management needs to take them seriously and return to the negotiating table.”

“RAA patrols drive on the road for long periods of time. To attack workers rest and bathroom breaks is not something you’d expect from a supposed leader in road safety

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