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You would of course be aware of the terrible tragedy at the Albury Norske Skog paper mill late last week, which saw two men lose their lives and one man still in critical condition at Albury Hospital. Many other workers had symptoms and were observed in hospital but later released.

The Mill is an AMWU site (with some ETU members as well) and we are grieved to inform you that Lyndon Quinlivan and Ben Pascall who passed away were both AMWU members.

The union is doing everything in our power to support Lyndon and Ben’s families, all other Norske Skog workers and their families, and anyone else in the community effected by this terrible accident.

If you would like to donate to support the families, you can do so here:

Counselling and support and being offered. Any member and their family, whether you have been directly affected or not, is able to reach out to AMWU Care (24-7) on 1800 206 316. There is in-person counselling and support for Norske Skog workers and their families.

If you have any issues accessing services, please contact the union: 1300 732 698

The union has resourced Dave Henry (NSW Branch Safety Officer) to go to Albury and do a union inspection of the site separate to Safe Work. He was on site from yesterday.

We are working with both Norske Skog management and with Safe Work to determine the cause of the accident and to also ensure the site is safe before anyone steps foot back onto the site.

We don’t know at this stage when the mill will re-open for work. Safe Work has issued a prohibition notice for the site at this time.

The AMWU believes every worker has the right to go to work and come home safely. Words cannot express the grief felt over this incident and the ongoing ramifications.

Once we know more about the cause of the accident we will consider what – if any – action must be taken.

Yours in unity

Paul Bastian – National Secretary

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