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The AMWU endeavours to support its members through tough times, both on and off the worksite. If you're struggling or going through tremendous hardship, we are here for you.

Here are some of the stories from recent years where we have stepped in and supported our members and their families.

Glenn Humm

Glenn started working at Air Radiators in 2005 and shortly after took on an adult apprenticeship. Having worked on his own cars, he took pride in his work and enjoyed being a fitter. Glenn was a staunch unionist that was always happy to help his fellow workers. He lost his life in a workplace accident, leaving behind lifelong partner Janine and their two children Alicia and Dylan.


Our donations for Janine and her two children began in mid-November and will be presented in the new year.

Kalum Davis

Kalum and his wife were both excited to bring home a baby brother for their four and a half-year-old son. Tragically there were complications during the birth. Kalum's wife Kumi lost consciousness due to a brain haemorrhage and was put into a coma. Unfortunately, Kumis health quickly deteriorated, passing away and leaving Kalum to raise his young family alone.


Since mid-October 2021, we have been raising funds for the Davis family with plans to present the donation at the State Council end of year function.

Paul Springer

Paul Springer is a long time member of the AMWU, a former delegate, a staunch activist, a current State Councilor & State Conference Delegate. Due to a serious illness, Paul has been off the tools since mid and unable to work for the last three years and is currently receiving life-saving treatment.


In late 2020, to help ease the financial pressure and let Paul focus on his health, we managed to raise $11,545.

David Hansen

David, or as he was known to his mates Hano, was 49 years old and a 30-year member of the AMWU who tragically lost his life in late November 2020 in a quad bike accident whilst camping with mates, leaving behind his loving wife, Joanne and two children.


To help support David's young family, AMWU members raised an incredible $13,240 for his wife Joanne and their two kids.


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