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Iplex Agreement delivers security

Members at the Iplex Factory in Elizabeth have just signed off on a new two year agreement, which gives workers security around hours of work, conditions and a wage increase of 2% per annum.

This great result is testament to the members and delegates on site, who manufacture plastic pipes, down pipes and gutter pipes – found in hardware shops all over the country. 

Neil Godfrey has been the AMWU lead delegate at the Iplex site for 10 years. During his time he’s seen through many disputes – first as a member and then more involved as a delegate. 

“Our hard-fought conditions have been protected on site thanks to the strong union culture we have here,” he said. “It’s great that our new enterprise agreement has continued this tradition and gives the members the opportunity to have a strong voice on site.

“We work 24/7 some of us on 12 hour shifts. A good enterprise agreement that works well for both members and the business is very important. We have issues from time to time and have seen a number of changes in management over the years, but our staff turn-over has been low. 

“When management consults with workers on site we always come to an understanding which works well for everyone,” Neil said.

State Organiser Stuart Gordon praised the work of members on site in delivering this strong agreement. 

“We have a great Iplex plant here in Adelaide and the AMWU members are proud of the high quality, Australian made product they produce,” said Stuart. “It’s sites like this that exemplify what a strong union on site can achieve.

“When you go into a hardware store around the country you can usually see one of these quality South Australian made products.”

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