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11 April 2024 –

Australian manufacturing workers welcome the announcement of the Future Made in Australia Act by Prime Minister Albanese today.

Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) National Secretary Steve Murphy said that the announcement was an important economic and geopolitical step.

“This sets Australia on a competitive path with the USA, UK, European nations, Canada, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, which have all made significant public investments in the renewable manufacturing industries,” Mr Murphy said.

"People in Australian regions who have powered our economy for generations can have more confidence in a secure future in new manufacturing industries.

“A modern industrial policy can put people and communities affected by changing export demand for fossil fuels at the head of the pack for new jobs, projects and opportunities.”

Mr Murphy urged policymakers at all levels of government to heed research findings backing government procurement, local content requirements and coordinated workforce development as critical policy levers for success. 

The announcement comes a day after the launch of the Towards a Renewable Energy Superpower report from the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures, which was supported by the AMWU, Climate Action Network and Boundless Earth.

“This research shows that public investment delivers the best return when government purchasing power is used to simulate demand, deliver skills and capture benefits by supporting local industries, communities, jobs and training,” Mr Murphy said.

“There research finds that there is an $80 billion opportunity in offshore wind manufacturing alone. It also finds that this money should touch the ground by supporting local jobs, future skills, emerging industries and communities in transition, rather than being spent on multinationals.

“Having taken this critical step we are hopeful that Australia can move beyond our ‘dig-and-ship’ reputation and capture the full value chain in renewable energy manufacturing.”

Media contact: Lachlan Williams 0447 682 027

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