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Draft New Rules

A Special AMWU National Conference will convene from 21 to 23 March 2018 to consider changing the rules of the Union.

The proposals are designed to build a simpler and more united Union to make sure we’re in the best shape to continue our fight for the jobs and wages of AMWU members.

The key changes are:

  • One united membership – while we will still fight for our members in our key industries, the governance of the Union will be based on one AMWU membership and we will no longer be divided into 4 separate divisions.
  • Simpler Governance – the governance of the Union will be based on one National Conference and National Council and a State Conference and a State Council in each State.
  • Rank and File Majority – Each Conference and Council will have a guaranteed majority of rank and file members to ensure the Union is focused on the key issues for members.

It’s almost 25 years since the last amalgamation that formed the current AMWU and we recognise that Unions must change as circumstances change.

Our members need their Union to be the best it can be and we’re looking forward to working through these issues with your elected member delegates to the National Conference in the interest of all members.

The proposed amendments to the Rules can be found below. This is a marked-up copy so you can easily see the changes. 

The union's current rules can be found here

If you have any queries or comments, please email [email protected]


Title Page - New Union Rules


Sections 1 - 4 | Name and Eligibility

Section 5 | Governance

Section 6 | Elections

Section 7 | Membership

Section 8 | Finance

Section 9 | Miscellaneous Matters

Section 10 | Rights of Members and Officials


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