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Big Union Doorknock - Dunkley

Knock – knock! It’s time to join together and knock off Tony Abbott! 

On Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September the AMWU is joining in Australia’s National Doorknock Days of Action! 

The event will include training, food and fun – a chance to get active with fellow AMWU members and members of other unions too.

It’s actions like this that will help to change the Government. Your help and time will make the difference. 

We'll be doorknocking residents in the marginal seat of Dunkley, and talking to them about the issues that will help change the Government. 

Sign up to help out! 


September 12, 2015
at 10am - 1pm


Frankston North Community Centre - 26 Mahogany Ave, Frankston North


Gillian Strong · 03 - 9230 5700

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