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The AMWU has a strong reputation for providing honest, consistent and accurate advice.

Our members have asked for information on the existing state restrictions and reliable health information including booking vaccinations which can be found here.

We’ve also pulled together information and resources for delegates, HSRs, and members on their rights at work and support available.

For workplace advice including changes in your employment, contact the AMWU Helpdesk on 1300 732 698 or [email protected].

Members and their immediate family have 24/7 access to AMWU Care Line on 1800 206 316. It’s a free phone counselling service that can help if you’re feeling stressed or worried about the pandemic and its restrictions, or for anything else going on in your life.

Being part of the union has never been more important - it’s our priority to ensure your safety on the job.

Our union supports the national vaccination rollout being guided by health experts with vaccinations free, voluntary and easily available to every worker who wants one. We encourage members to speak their doctor about their/their family’s specific needs.

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