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Cadbury Job Losses a Blow to Tasmania


AMWU State Secretary John Short will speak to the media and take questions

12.30pm, Friday 22 May

Cadbury Front Gates, Cadbury Factory, Claremont

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) has called it “a sad day for workers and a terrible day for Tasmania” as 80 redundancies were announced at Cadbury’s main factory in Claremont, southern Tasmania.

“Today we are focused on looking after workers and their families as best we can in this difficult situation,” said AMWU Tasmanian Secretary John Short.

“This is a terrible day for workers, for Cadbury and for Tasmanians.

“Tasmania already has one of the the worst unemployment of any state in Australia. This will just add to the problem.

“The Federal Government recently decided to withdraw $16 million of promised funding to Cadbury, and hasn’t yet reallocated it. That money should go to Tasmanian industry to create the new jobs this state desperately needs,” said Mr Short.

“As we see major job losses all over Tasmania, we’re seeing the State and Federal Governments just shrugging their shoulders. It’s not good enough.

“These aren’t just jobs for today – these are jobs that should be lasting into the future

“This factory has been here for over 90 years. Some of the people at Cadbury – their parents and their grandparents worked here. But where are their kids going to work?”

The union is working over the next few days with Cadbury management to determine how the redundancies will roll out, with the hope that many, if not all, will be voluntary. The union will also be working to ensure that workers are looked after with their full entitlements.

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