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Big win in Commission for RAA Members

The AMWU had a big win in the Fair Work Commission for our members at the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA).

Commissioner Platt handed down his decision in favour of the AMWU, allowing us to be able to represent workers at the RAA.

For a number of years now, the RAA have been unwilling to allow Organisers and Delegates to represent members in any issue that arose at the workplace. The RAA only recognised the union as a “support person” in any issue or disciplinary matter, rather than as the union representing these workers.

Organiser Derek Winter said, “Over a long period of time, the RAA refused to recognize myself as a representative of our members. This has been increasingly frustrating.

“When I would go to a meeting with a member, there would always be objections and discussion around representation.”

This all came to a head earlier this year when one of our delegates had a series of allegations put to him from RAA.

They once again refused to recognize the AMWU as our members’ representative, so the union decided to challenge this behavior and lodged a dispute with the Fair Work Commission.

South Australian Legal Officer, Jim Hardie, ran the case and did a magnificent job. He was assisted by our two senior delegates at the RAA, Paul Gunner and Barry De Pledge.

The hearing was held over a two-day period in August, with a number of witnesses on both sides appearing. At the conclusion, Commissioner Platt handed his decision down in favour of the AMWU.

Derek Winter stated, “This is a significant decision and a great victory for all concerned at the AMWU and our members at the RAA. This will allow our members to be fully represented in any issue or dispute that arises at the RAA and give our members confidence and security knowing they have the full backing of our Organisers and delegates.”

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