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BHP – treat us like adults!

Without any consultation BHP will enforce new rules limiting all workers in accommodation villages to four drinks per day, regardless of your roster.

BHP say it’s about health, but it sounds more like an employer treating its workers like children. These new rules place an especially unfair burden on workers on remote mine sites and unfairly limits drinking on nights off during transitions between day and night shifts by also banning any drinking after 9:30pm.

What’s worse, it only applies to workers in BHP’s mine accommodation – so management in high rise offices are free to drink whenever they like.

We’re sick of being treated like children. All we’re asking for is some consultation.

We call on BHP to genuinely consult and negotiate with workers and their representatives about this unfair policy.

All signatures will be kept confidential and names not shared with the company.

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Dale Goody
Leon Kruse
Cory Pitcairn
Wayne Hall
Mahanga Kukutai
Kevin Baillie
Brody wade
Lucas Williams
Travis Hughes
David Howie
Nathan Alsop
Kyle Furneaux
Rachelle Attenborough
Ryan Kennedy
Tim Pratt
Mick Nieuwenhuize
Shane Bird
Stephen thrift
Gregory Mcveigh
Matthew Llewellyn
Callum Norman
Chad Stokes
Brian Mitchell
Thomas Lyle
Peter Killeen
Terry Green
Simon Lindsay
Andrew Pembroke
Patricia Doherty
Shaun Rose

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