Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union


Step up to Support Aussie Made

We need to make sure the next federal government will Support Aussie Made. 

Let's get the Morrison Government out.  Scott Morrison handed billions of dollars to big businesses without any requirement to create secure jobs with good wages.

We need a federal government that will support Aussie Made for secure jobs.

We want the sort of work we'd be happy for our kids to take over one day.

Workplaces where we can speak up about safety, and develop the skills for the future.

Local manufacturing and stronger laws protecting workers are two ways to stop the spread of unreliable and insecure work.  Kicking out the Morrison Government is the start of how we do this.

We will be fighting this election to support Aussie made for secure jobs. 

During the campaign we will create opportunities to Support Aussie Made for secure jobs.  Conversations in your workplace are important to make sure that a vote for Labor is a vote for secure jobs and local manufacturing. 

In the electorate of Swan, the Labor candidate is an AMWU member.  Her name is Zaneta Mascarenhas and you may know her from when she campaigned on the Local Jobs from Local Resources campaign.

We need AMWU members to step up this federal election.   Can we count on you?
  • Talk to your workmates about why we should Support Aussie Made.  Lots of workplace resources are here
  • Sign up to be part of your local campaign (sign up to be counted below!)
  • Bring other union members along to be part of the campaign.