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AMWU welcomes new Mates in Construction WA CEO

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) congratulates Brad Geatches on his new appointment as Chief Executive Officer of MATES in Construction WA.

The suicide prevention charity has been supporting AMWU members for many years by empowering WA workers to look after each other and their mental health.

AMWU State Secretary Steve McCartney said the union is pleased with the appointment of new CEO Brad Geatches and is excited for the fresh opportunities his leadership will bring.

“The work MATES in Construction does is invaluable in protecting, supporting and educating WA workers and their families, and I commend Mr Geatches predecessor Godfrey Baron for his tireless efforts in playing an instrumental role in the success of the organisation,” he said.

The AMWU has been fighting for changes within workplaces to ensure industry takes on more responsibility of the mental wellbeing of workers.

A 2014-2015 parliamentary inquiry and a report published in the Medical Journal of Australia earlier this year confirmed that workers in WA’s mining and construction industry face high levels of psychological distress.

“As part of our partnership with MATES in Construction the AMWU looks forward to expanding and growing the program.

“The issue of mental health in the WA mining and constructing industry desperately needs to be addressed. We can no longer ignore or hide the issue and every opportunity to empower, educate and legislate for change needs to be taken.

“MATES in Construction WA works because it empowers us to look after each other and is completely independent and confidential,” Mr McCartney said.


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