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Emergency Transport Benefit

Emergency Transport

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) provides an emergency transport benefit to all eligible financial members of the union, including immediate family. Please note you must be a financial union member to claim this benefit.

This benefit is immediately payable to eligible financial members who are unable to receive financial assistance for emergency transportation through a legislated scheme, a health insurance policy or any other insurance policy.

Due to the nature of state schemes, this benefit is not eligible to be claimed by members in Queensland or Tasmania. Compensation shall be limited to a maximum of $5,000 per Insured Person / Financial Member in any one Insured Period.

This benefit excludes inter-hospital transportation.

Important Information

Emergency Transport means:

The necessary transportation by Emergency Transport, in circumstances of injury or sickness, to the nearest available hospital which is equipped to deal with the nature of the emergency; or
Treatment by Emergency Transport staff.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible you must be a financial member of the AMWU at the time that Emergency Transport was used. This is a member who has paid full, current dues. You or your immediate family must have used the emergency transport.

This benefit does not apply to retired members or life members.

Is my family covered?

Yes. Immediate Family includes your spouse (including de-facto) and any immediate dependents of the Eligible Financial Member.

Immediate Dependent includes the Eligible Financial Member’s unmarried dependent children who are under 19 years of age and living with the Eligible Financial Member, or who are under 25 years of age and are full time students at an accredited institution of higher learning and are primarily dependent upon the Eligible Financial Member for maintenance and support.

This includes stepchildren and legally adopted children.


As with all insurance, there are some exclusions and restrictions including the following:

  • This benefit excludes inter-hospital transportation.
  • This benefit is not payable to otherwise eligible members or their immediate family as defined above over the age of 70 years.
  • This benefit is not available in circumstances where injury or death arises from suicide or attempted suicide.
  • This benefit is not available where alcohol and/or drugs (other than a drug taken or administered by, or in accordance with the advice of a legally qualified medical practitioner) were a contributing factor or where there are more alcohol or drugs involved than the law permits.

Making a Claim:

Claims are administered through Coverforce: 1300 503 503.

All information is available at the CoverForce AMWU Webpage.

You can also download and fill out the claim forms to lodge with CoverForce:

Emergency Transport Cover Claim Form



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