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ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver and AMWU Assistant Secretary Craig Kelly will join sacked brewery maintenance workers at a rally to protest their sacking by Carlton and United Breweries.


WHO: Dave Oliver (ACTU) and Craig Kelly (AMWU) along with sacked maintenance workers.


WHEN: 11am today, Friday 24 June, 2016.


WHERE: Outside Carlton and United Breweries, 4 SOUTHAMPTON CRESCENT, Abbotsford (Near the security office)


54 sacked maintenance workers at Carlton and United Breweries in Abbottsford will today be joined by ACTU Secretary, Dave Oliver, and AMWU Victoria Assistant Secretary Craig Kelly calling on CUB to do the right thing and reinstate them.

CUB callously sacked the workers a fortnight ago and invited them to reapply for their old jobs on the proviso they accept a 65 per cent pay cut.

Workers have refused, maintaining a 24-hour protest at the site and unions are targeting CUB brands on social media in a bid to convince the multinational brewing giant to put people before super-profits.

AMWU Victoria Assistant Secretary, Craig Kelly, said that this is what workers could expect in Malcolm Turnbull’s Australia.

“These are skilled workers helping to deliver Australia’s most iconic beer brands but instead of rewarding their hard work, CUB, which was once a proud Australian company, has thrown them under a bus,” Mr Kelly said.

Mr Kelly said among those sacked were four apprentices who  have 18 months to go on their apprenticeships.

“Imagine turning up to work to find you have been sacked but being told you can have your job back if you are prepared to cop a 65% pay cut?”

“This is totally unacceptable and CUB needs to understand that Australians won’t stand for workers being treated so unfairly.”

“CUB was built up on the basis that workers got a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work and it’s time the now-South African owned brewer gave Aussie workers a fair go,” Mr Kelly said.

Maintenance workers at the site are mechanical fitters and electricians who maintain machinery that brews beers like VB, Pure Blonde, and Carlton Draught.

“If Malcolm Turnbull reckons he is in touch with real tradies, I challenge him to come and visit the sacked workers at CUB and hear how appallingly they have been treated,” Mr Kelly said.


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