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Yarra Trams maintenance workers secure landmark agreement for industry


In a historic result this week, AMWU members along with ETU and RTBU members have won a 36-hour working week in the rolling stock EBA with Yarra Trams.

Voting closed on Wednesday with a vote of 78% to accept the new agreement which sees the working week shortened from 38 hours to 36 hours.

The new working week comes into effect on 1 July 2020 without any loss in pay and includes extra benefits including double time for all overtime, double time on Saturdays and improved night shift loading from 25% to 30%.

In addition, greater involvement and control for the workforce was organised in relation to rosters to ensure greater work/life balance for the workforce as a result of the 36-hour week coming in.

AMWU Organiser Chris Spindler said “This is a historic agreement for an industry that has relied on a 38 hour week structure for decades.

“This victory for workers highlights the changing nature of work and how it impacts on workers lives, and the need for workplaces to be flexible in establishing work/life balance for their most important assets: their workers.”

Additional control over the use of supplementary labour for greater job security and a 3% pay increase per year for 3 of the next 4 years was also included in the new agreement.


Media contact: Ash Burmeister – 0425 762 493 | [email protected]

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