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The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) believes Malcolm Turnbull should take a lead from his American counterpart Donald Trump and walk away from the latest version of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“There is no justification for the Turnbull Government to allow workers from low cost economies in Asia and South America into the Australian labour market,” said AMWU National President Andrew Dettmer.

“Workers here will be concerned about letting multi-national corporations import foreign workers without giving Australians a chance to apply for those jobs first,” he said.

“This is little more than a sell-out to foreign companies in the hope they will be attracted to Australia.”

“And once foreign corporations set up here, we know they will do their best to move profits offshore and pay as little tax as possible to the Australian Government.”

Mr Dettmer said the AMWU was concerned about the provisions of the TPP that would allow foreign companies to sue the Australian Government as a means of settling disputes.

“We don’t want foreign corporations interfering in our labour markets and we don’t want them dictating policy to future Australian governments,” he said.

“This whole process is selling out Australian workers and the wider community for no real gain.”


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