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20 February 2024 –

The Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement that it would commence consultation on the proposed Bunbury offshore wind zone in Western Australia but has expressed concern that the project will not deliver thousands of renewable energy jobs envisaged by the project.

AMWU National Secretary Steve Murphy said that while the development of new offshore wind projects was a welcome step forward, stronger local content provisions must be put in place if Australian manufacturers, workers or communities are to see any economic benefit from the project.

“The AMWU welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement that it will proceed with consultation on the development of the proposed Bunbury offshore wind zone.

“While we support the expansion of renewable energy, we remain concerned that the Bunbury offshore wind zone will not deliver the promised jobs and economic benefit to the community without stronger provisions on the inclusion of local content.

“Workers rightly expect announcements around renewable projects also to deliver good local jobs and a thriving industry.

“But currently, no provisions exist in this project to ensure that Australian produced steel or Australian manufactured goods are included in any projects which proceed in the Bunbury offshore wind zone.

“The reality is, we are in a global race for the jobs of the future, and Australia is standing still. 

“The Federal Government’s lack of a credible industry policy will result in more and more inferior wind towers dumped on Australian projects from overseas.

“An essential element of gaining community support for offshore wind projects is the promise of high quality, secure jobs and benefits to local economies.  

“Without stronger provisions to ensure that Australian steel and manufactured goods are included in these projects, the Federal Government can not deliver on this promise.

“We call on the Federal Government to reconsider including local content provisions to deliver jobs and economic benefits to our local communities.”

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