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Mondelez Survey Result

We asked you to share your views on the collective agreement offer by Mondelez and nearly 100 of you responded.

Check out the results of the Mondelez workers survey.

Your voice is critical in shaping the wages and conditions for you and your workmates. Your negotiating team took your views back to the company at our negotiation meeting yesterday. We made the following points clear: 

  • Our survey showed 80% of people do not accept the companies offer of 2.5% per year for three years, and want us to continue to negotiate for a better offer. After all, it is the workers who have increased productivity and profitability of the company.
  • The Permanent Part-Time clause must be removed from the EBA because there are not enough safeguards. Long term full-time temp workers are concerned they will only get offered permanent part-time jobs, and current permanent full-time workers are concerned the future make up of jobs will be part-time when full-time is available.
  • At the last meeting on 21 April 2017 the company was very cagey on the review of Flake & Twirl long term temps, but said there would be an update for us at yesterdays meeting. At yesterday’s meeting we were simply told they are still reviewing it. The review was due on 31 March 2017 and we will be ramping up our action on this.
  • The classification structure continues to be outstanding. There was supposed to be a trial done on the new structure by HR mapping where some delegates classification would end up. This mapping hasn’t occurred and the company even tried to say HR wasn’t supposed to be involved.

  • Due to all of the above, your survey responses, and feedback from you given to delegates, your union bargaining team did NOT give in-principle support to the EBA offer by the company.

The company is now going away to look at their next options on these issues and where they want to go to from here.

Remember, you can check out the full survey results here.

We thank you for your patience through these negotiations as we continue to push for a fair outcome for members.

In solidarity

Jacob Batt on behalf of the AMWU Bargaining Team
Union Organiser
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

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