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Journey Accident Insurance

Members and their families now have a safety net if they suffer loss of income due to being injured on the journey to and from work.

Journey accident insurance is available to full fee paying financial members via Coverforce Insurance Broking.

This benefit does not replace previous workers compensation arrangements. It provides an alternative program with the following benefits:

  • Weekly Accident Benefit up to 85% of a member’s weekly wage to maximum of $1,500 per week
  • Waiting period of 14 days 
  • Maximum payment period is 104 weeks
  • No death benefit with this insurance offer – please consider your personal requirements  

Who is covered?

To be entitled to the benefits of the policy you must be an eligible financial member of the AMWU and be paying full dues. It is important to note that you must be a full member of the Union at the time of the accident to be covered under this policy.

Pre-existing conditions are not insured. 

This benefit does not apply to retired members or life members.

Am I required to take all my sick leave or any other leave before I can claim?

As there is a 14 day waiting period you may want to use sick pay or annual leave/RDO’s accruals during this period. Following the first 14 day waiting period, if you are eligible, income benefits will be paid to you. 

Can I claim for any medical expenses incurred as a result of the Accident?

No - this is income protection insurance if you are unable to work due to an accident travelling to or from work. It is not medical insurance.


As with all insurance, there are some exclusions and restrictions including the following:

  • This benefit is not payable to otherwise eligible members or their immediate family as defined above over the age of 70 years.
  • This benefit is not available arising out of a deliberately self-inflicted injury.
  • This benefit is not available where alcohol and/or drugs (other than a drug taken or administered by, or in accordance with the advice of a legally qualified medical practitioner) were a contributing factor or where there are more alcohol or drugs involved than the law permits.

Making a claim

This insurance policy is managed by CoverForce.

You can contact them directly with any questions or for assistance on 1300 503 503.

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